3885 Half-Unit Desiccant Bags (quantity of 50)


The 3885 includes 50 small, half-unit desiccant bags, used to absorb humidity within enclosures. Multiple packs are recommended for customers who need to desiccate multiple enclosures or systems.

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Detailed Description

The 3885 includes fifty half-unit (0.5) silica gel desiccant bags. Packages with multiple bags of desiccant are recommended for customers who need to desiccate several enclosures or systems.

The 3885 was ordered as the DSC 50/2 prior to 1 September 2005.

What is a Unit of Desiccant?
A unit of desiccant is defined as "the amount of desiccant that will adsorb at least 3 g of water vapor at 20% relative humidity and at least 6 g of water at 40% relative humidity at 77°F (25°C)."

If you're really interested, MIL-D-3464E is the source document that outlines the generally accepted method for determining the units of desiccant required (calculation requires the size and the type of the container and the type of desiccant to be used).


Weight 866 g (1.91 lb) collective weight of fifty 3885 packets

Frequently Asked Questions

Number of FAQs related to 3885: 2

  1. There is not an easy way to calculate how much desiccant is needed in an enclosure or how quickly the desiccant will need to be replaced. The following conditions affect the replacement interval:

    • How much humidity the enclosure is exposed to
    • The size of the enclosure
    • How often the enclosure door is opened and how long the door remains open
    • How airtight the enclosure is

    It may be advantageous to use more than one desiccant packet at a time inside an enclosure. Campbell Scientific recommends keeping an extra supply of desiccant on hand for as-needed replacement in the enclosure.

  2. The desiccant should be replaced when the top colored dot on the humidity indicator card (pn 28878) turns pink; the humidity indicator card is included in the enclosure supply kit that is shipped with each enclosure. If the CS210, Enclosure Humidity Sensor, is used, replace the desiccant when the measured humidity exceeds 35%.

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