25699 Duckbill Heavy-Duty Anchor Kit


The 25699 is a common accessory for the CM375 10 m Mast and for the stainless-steel CM115 and CM120 tripods.

Note: The 25699 is not compatible with the aluminum tripods. The aluminum tripods use the 18092 anchor kit.


Frequently Asked Questions

Number of FAQs related to 25699: 1

  1. The 19282 Guy Duckbill Standard Anchor Kit is adequate for most sandy and loamy soils. Clay soils and other soils with higher corrosive properties require the 25699 Guy Duckbill Heavy Duty Anchor Kit. These corrosive soils, also known as aggressive soils, have one or more of the following properties:

    • High electrical conductivity (>0.33 dS/m)
    • High acidity (pH < 5)
    • High chloride concentration (> 1000 ppm)
    • High sulfate concentration (> 500 ppm)
    • Poor aeration

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