19241 Stainless-Steel Tripod Extension Kit for the CM110 or CM115
Adds 5 ft in Height
weather applications water applications energy applications gas flux and turbulence applications infrastructure applications soil applications


The 19241 Tripod Extension Kit increases the height of a stainless-steel CM110 or CM115 mast by 5 ft (1.6 m). Use of this kit is not recommended for the CM120. Customers who require measurement heights greater than 20 ft should use a UT30 tower.

This kit includes the following items:



Dimensions 142.24 x 7.62 x 4.83 cm (56.0 x 3.0 x 1.9 in.)
Weight 3.22 kg (7.1 lb)


The 19241 is compatible with the CM110, CM115 and CM120, but it may not be recommended based on individual use cases.

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