14162 RF401, RF411, or RF416 Mounting Kit


The 14162 RF401, RF411, or RF416 Mounting Kit provides a convenient way to mount an RF400-series radio to the backplate of a Campbell Scientific enclosure. The mount attaches to the RF400-series radio using a 12 inch Velcro strap. The kit mounts the radio vertically on edge with the connectors oriented horizontally.

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Detailed Description

The 14162 mounting kit is used to secure an RF401-series or RF430-series radio to the backplate of an environmental enclosure. It consists of a mounting bracket, Velcro strap, screws and grommets.


Bracket Material 1.6 mm (0.063 in.) aluminum, black anodize
Strap for Securing Bracket to Radio Velcro, 2.54 x 30.48 cm (1 x 12 in.)
Bracket Dimensions 10.92 x 2.32 x 7.78 cm (4.3 x 0.913 x 3.063 in.)
Weight 45.4 g (0.1 lb)


The 14162 Mounting Kit is compatible with the RF400, RF401, RF410, RF411, RF415, RF416, RF430, RF431, and RF432, as well as any Campbell Scientific prepunched enclosure backplate. This kit is also commonly used to strap mount other devices.

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