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13855 RF Modem and Radio Push-to-Talk Switch
Easily Key Up a Radio
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The 13855 push-to-talk switch allows a customer an easy method for keying up a radio. The 13855 attaches to a square 10-position connector on the radio-to-modem cable that is supplied with the radio (for example, pn 29201). Pressing the button grounds the radio push-to-talk (PTT) line, which causes the radio to transmit the carrier frequency. This process is useful during radio maintenance and for troubleshooting. For example, it allows a user to sustain a transmission while measuring the forward and reflected radio transmit power with a watt meter.



Connector Square, 10-pin (2x5), 0.100 inch pitch, male
Button Metal dome button with overlay


The 13855 is compatible with the 29201, 13547, and 12160 cables.

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