This product is no longer available and has been replaced by: 31149.
10508 Replacement 7 Ah Battery Bracket for ET Stations
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The 10508 provides a compatible bracket for a new 10590 ET106 replacement battery. If the older battery bracket (i.e., the one supplied with the station) is used with a new 10590, the tolerance between the flange of the bracket and the battery terminals is small enough that the battery could short across the bracket and discharge. The 10508 bracket has a small 1/8" hole in the top surface, allowing it to be easily distinguished from its predecessor.

The 10508 was also used as part of the BP7. For BP7 applications, the 10508 has been replaced by the 31149. However, to use the new bracket, pn 5207 (Velcro Strap 1 in. x 18 in.) is needed. In addition, a change has been made from using pn 505 screws (Screw #6-32 x .375 Pan Phillips) to pn 31655 screws (Screw #6-32 x .375 Flat Phillips 100 Deg Countersink SS). Note: If the newer screws and the Velcro strap with the newer bracket are not used, it will not work properly.


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