Product Details
Typically Ships Within 0 - 7 Days
Restockable Yes

The "Typically Ships Within" value is an estimate of the number of calendar days within which this product is ready to ship from Campbell Scientific. Orders with more than 10 built-to-order products will likely increase the time needed to prepare the order for shipping.

To estimate how long it will take to receive an order that contains multiple products, combine the longest Ships Within value with the transit time of the shipping method you select.

Some specialized products have long Ships Within values. Because of this, you might consider submitting a separate order for these products so your other products won't be delayed.

Ships With
(4) 31655 Screw #6-32 x .375 Flat Phillips 100 Degree Countersink SS
(1) 17374 BP7 Battery Cable with Pigtails
(4) 6044 Grommet for #6 or 8 Screw
(1) 31149 BP7 Shelf Battery Bracket or ALK7 Battery Bracket
(1) 5207 Velcro Strap, 1 in. x 18 in.

Common Accessories

If the cable supplied with the BP7 is replaced with the 22024, the 22024 cable can be plugged into a CH150, CH200, CH100, PS150, PS200, or PS100. For example, using a 22024, a CH150 or CH200 can be mounted on its side so that it fits under the new hinged stack bracket and takes up less space than a PS150 or PS200.

Replacement Parts

This cable connects a CR200-series datalogger to the battery. The 17374 may be purchased to replace a lost or damaged cable.
The 6053 provides only the 7-Ahr sealed rechargeable battery; connectors and mounts are not included.
The 31149 ships with the BP7 12 V 7 Ah Sealed Rechargeable Battery with Mounts and Pigtail. It may be ordered to replace a lost or damaged bracket.
Four 31655 screws are shipped with the BP7. Additional screws may be ordered to replace those that may have been lost or damaged.
These grommets are commonly used with the 505 screws to secure our equipment to the backplates of our enclosures.
The Velcro can be used to hold the battery to the bracket.