UTBASE Base Kit for UT20/UT30
Anchor Options
-SA -SA SS Anchor Kit
-NA -NA User Supplied Anchors
Template Options
-T -T w/Template
-NT -NT No Template Needed

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Product Details
Restockable Yes
Warranty 1 year

Common Accessories

The 36352 is an anchor bolt template for use with the UTBASE Base Kit for the UT20 and UT30 towers. With the 36352, you can more easily hold your anchor bolts in place and set them while pouring your concrete base. The template allows space to place your conduit through the middle and the space below to properly finish the concrete. The 36352 consists of three identical galvanized steel rails and six ¾-10 nylon nuts. The hole pattern (43.18 cm [17 in.] bolt spacing) is specifically designed for use with the UT20 and UT30 towers only.

The template is optional to enable customers to buy just one and reuse it for the installation of multiple towers, helping to save materials and reduce cost in certain situations.

Replacement Parts

The 36244 is a replacement parts kit that contains all the 0.95 cm (3/8 in.) hardware and connecting tubes for the UTBASE Base Kit for the UT20 and UT30 towers.
The 35315 anchor kit is an option when purchasing the UTBASE Base Kit for the UT20 and UT30 towers, and it may be purchased separately, at a later date, as a replacement item. The 35315 contains three 3/4-10 x 30.48 cm (12 in.) long 316SS bolts, as well as a package of anti-seize lubricant. The included lubricant will help prevent galvanic corrosion between these anchor bolts and the aluminum clevises of the UTBASE.

The 35315 is considered an option to enable you to source your own anchors if you desire to use a different material, style, or anchor length. Campbell Scientific recommends exercising caution when sizing user-provided anchors to ensure your tower is properly anchored.


Campbell Scientific offers basic repair services and replacement parts for this product. Contact us for a returned material authorization (RMA).