RAWS-H Remote Automated Weather Station, Handar Retrofit
Calibration Certificate - show details
-NC -NC No Calibration Cert
Unless specified, the RAWS-H is shipped without a calibration certificate.
-CC -CC CR1000M Calib Cert
If specified, the RAWS-H is shipped with a two-page calibration certificate.
Communication Options - show details
-NM -NM No Communications
Select this option for a user-supplied communication method.
Rechargeable Batteries - show details
-7 -7 7Ah Batt & CH150
Option -7 provides a 7-Ahr sealed rechargeable battery and a CH150 regulator. A charging source is not included (see Other Accessories for charging source).
-24 -24 24Ah Batt & CH150
Option -24 provides a 24-Ahr sealed rechargeable battery and a CH150 regulator. A charging source is not included (see Other Accessories for charging source).
Enclosure Mounts - show details
-NT -NT No Tripod/Tower Mount
When the -NT option is chosen, the enclosure is shipped without brackets. Customers who want to mount their enclosure to a Handar tower can choose this option. The customer will need to furnish the mounting bracket.
-MM -MM Tripod Mast Mounting
Order the "-MM" option if you want to mount your RAWS-H to a tripod mast or a user-supplied pole with a 1.25" to 2.1" OD. A three-piece bracket attaches to the top of the enclosure and an identical three-piece bracket attaches to the bottom of the enclosure. Each bracket mounts to the mast or pole via a u-bolt.
-TM -TM Tower Mounting
Order the "-TM" option if you want to mount your RAWS-H to two legs on a UT10, UT20, or UT30 tower. This mounting bracket option uses the same 3-piece brackets as the "-MM" option, except the pieces are rearranged so that the flanges are on the side of the bracket instead of in the middle. Four u-bolts mount the brackets to the tower legs.

Please note that enclosures with the "-TM" option are shipped configured for the UT10 tower. UT20 and UT30 customers will need to: (1) remove the bolts attaching the bracket to the enclosure, (2) slide out the flange sections so that the distance between the center of each flange is 17", and (3) reattach the bracket to the enclosure using the original bolts.

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Product Details
Typically Ships Within 45 - 52 Days
Restockable Yes
Warranty 1 year

The "Typically Ships Within" value is an estimate of the number of calendar days within which this product is ready to ship from Campbell Scientific. Orders with more than 10 built-to-order products will likely increase the time needed to prepare the order for shipping.

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Ships With
(1) CR1000KD Keyboard/Display for CR1000(X), CR800, or CR6
(1) 8125 Flat-Bladed Screwdriver, 2.5 mm Blade x 50 mm Shaft
(1) 7363 Enclosure Supply Kit, Standard Size
(1) 7364 UV-Resistant 8 in. Cable Ties (quantity of 12)
(1) 10873 Serial Data Cable, 9-Pin Female to 9-Pin Male
(1) Conduit kit
(1) 18903 #2 Phillips Screwdriver with 8 in. Blade

Common Accessories

The CR1000M inside of the RAWS-H may be temperature tested for the -55° to +85°C range. For this temperature range, analog accuracies are derated approximately two times over published specifications.

Other Accessories

This wall charger allows you to float-charge the battery via ac power. The 20928 outputs 24 Vdc @ 1.67 A and accepts 100 to 240 Vac.

Replacement Parts

The 8125 is a small, flat-bladed screwdriver that is extremely useful for opening the guillotine terminals on our dataloggers and measurement control devices.
The 10873 is a serial cable that is useful for connecting the RS-232 port of the datalogger to the 9-pin RS-232 port of a computer. The cable is six feet long.
One of these screwdrivers is shipped with a RAWS-H station. The 18903 may be purchased as a replacement part.
The enclosure supply kit includes desiccant, a humidity indicator card, cable ties, wire tie tabs, putty for sealing the conduit, and screws and grommets for attaching peripherals to the enclosure backplate.
The kit includes 12 Tefzel® 8 in. cable ties (pn 7362) that are resistant to gamma radiation, UV radiation, and chemicals.