Product Details
Restockable Yes
Warranty 1 year
Ships With
(1) Lightning Rod Clamp Assembly
(1) 850 Tripod or Tower Lightning Rod
(12) 17592 14.5 in. Cable Tie, UV Resistant
(6) 17049 Galvanized Steel Grounding Spike 1/2 x 16
(1) 19125 Grounding Rod, Bonded Copper
(1) 2832 Copper-Clad Grounding Rod
(1) 2834 12 AWG THHN INS Solid Copper Green Wire
(1) 2833 4 AWG THHN INS Copper Stranded Wire

Replacement Parts

The 17592 is a 14.5 in. cable tie used to secure cables to the crossarm or tripod mast.
The 17049 is used to secure a tripod's feet to the ground.
The 850 may be ordered to replace a lost or damaged lightning rod.
The 2832 may be purchased to replace a lost or damaged grounding rod.
Eight feet of this 12 AWG copper wire is included with our 19238 Stainless Steel Tripod Grounding Kit. It provides a ground lug-to-tripod ground connection. The 2834 orders the copper wire only; hardware for attaching the wire is not provided.
This 4 AWG copper wire typically connects a ground lug to a ground rod. Five feet of the 2833 is included in the 19238 grounding kit. The price shown is a per foot cost.