Data Loggers / CR10
This product is no longer available and has been replaced by: CR1000.
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Other Accessories

The 17161 is the CR10 Operator's Manual in paper form (bound in a 3-ring binder).

Replacement Parts

The CR10TCR is an external thermistor that provides a reference temperature for thermocouple measurements. The CR10TCR is only compatible with the black CR10 wiring panel that was shipped before 21 May '97. The silver CR10 wiring panel requires the 10TCRT; the black CR10X Wiring Panel (also known as the CR10XWP) requires the CR10XTCR.
The 10TCRT is an external thermistor that provides a reference temperature for thermocouple measurements. The 10TCRT is only compatible with the silver CR10 wiring panel. The leads are too short for either the black CR10 wiring panel or the black CR10X wiring panel.
The CR10XWP is a black, anodized aluminum wiring panel with "CR10X" labeled in white. It includes a switched 12-V terminal, redistributed analog grounds (dispersed among analog channels rather than grouped), unpluggable terminal block for 12 V connections, gas-tube spark gaps, and 12 V supply on pin 8 to power our COM-series phone modems and other peripherals. This configuration no longer supports cassette tapes.
The 1113 is used to attach sensor leads to screw terminals.
This type T, 5 in. thermocouple is attached to a differential channel on several of our data logger wiring panels when the data logger is shipped. A 3315 may be ordered to replace a thermocouple that has become lost or damaged.
The base plate is available for order should the original become lost or damaged.
The silica desiccant bag desiccates the inside the data logger. When shipped, the data logger has one bag of this desiccant inside of it. The supplied desiccant should fill the initial needs of most applications, but it should be periodically replaced. Campbell Scientific recommends replacing this desiccant when the data logger's internal lithium battery is replaced.


The 16540 recalibrates a CR10 datalogger to meet original specifications. Before and after calibration sheets are supplied with the data logger. Recalibration includes standard temperature testing (-25° to +50°C). If extended temperature testing is desired, the 15842 must also be purchased. An RMA (Returned Material Authorization) from Campbell Scientific is required.
The 15842 is available only for CR10 dataloggers that have previously passed Extended Temperature Testing. Retesting requires concurrent purchase of the 16540 Recalibration and an RMA (Returned Material Authorization) from Campbell Scientific.
The 16129 tests the CR10 to the range of -55° to +85°C. For this temperature range, analog accuracies are derated approximately two times over published specifications. Extended Temperature Testing is typically specified at the time of data logger purchase and is first performed before the data logger ever leaves the factory. However, if application requirements change, individual data loggers can also be returned to Campbell Scientific on an RMA to determine if they can pass Extended Temperature Testing. Extended temperature testing of a previously purchased unit also requires purchase of concurrent recalibration.