Product Details
Restockable Yes
Warranty 1 year
Compliance CE Compliance Image
Ships With
(1) 14241 Antenna Cable for ET Stations, 59 in.
(1) 17851 U-bolt with Saddle Bracket and 2 Nuts
(1) 27555 USB 2.0 Cable, Type A Male to Micro B Male, 6/6.5 ft
(1) 29353 NL240 to ET Enclosure Antenna Cable, 14 inches
(4) 17592 14.5 in. Cable Tie, UV Resistant
(1) 17492 Stainless-Steel U-Bolt Screw 5/16-18 x 2.125 with 2 Silicon Bronze Nuts
(4) 4365 Stainless-Steel Flat Washer 5/16
(4) 4366 Stainless-Steel Lock Washer 5/16
(1) 18290 ET Antenna Adjustable-Angle Mounting Bracket

Common Accessories

The 30411 is a 5.8 dBd omnidirectional antenna for use with our 2.4 GHz spread-spectrum products. The 30411 is suitable for base-station use where communication is needed with multiple stations located in different directions. It is also preferred in mobile applications and in other applications in which the best radio path is not constant, including close-up applications without clear line of sight.
The 16755 is a high-gain (13 dBd), directional (Yagi) antenna used with our 2.4 GHz radio transceivers. It is intended for longer distances, and for communicating to one other station (due to narrow beam width).
The 22072 is a 6.8 dBd (9 dBi) directional Yagi antenna for use with our 2.4 GHz spread-spectrum products. The antenna's design makes it suitable for installing with either vertical or horizontal polarization.

Replacement Parts

The 13 in. cable of the 29353 is used between the NL240 antenna connector and the BNC bulkhead connector on the inside of the enclosure.
This antenna cable connects the field site's antenna to the radio. It has a 59 inch length.
The 17851 consists of one saddle bracket, one U-bolt, and two nuts.
The 17492 provides a 5/16" U-bolt and two nuts.
The 18290 Adjustable Inclination Mount secures the antenna to the ET107's pole.
A connection is made by pulling the tapered end through the locking end, thus forming a loop. The free end is pulled tight to secure the cables, then trimmed back to the locking end. Once attached, the cable tie must be cut to be removed.
The 27555 is a USB Type A to Micro B, male-to-male cable, 6 to 6.5 ft long. It connects devices using the Micro B interface to a USB port on a computer.
The 4365 can be purchased to replace a lost or damaged washer.
The 4366 may be purchased to replace a lost or damaged washer.