Product Details
Restockable Yes
Warranty 1 year
Ships With
(1) 14133 TurfWeather Wind Direction Protective Boot

Common Accessories

200PCBL-L 200P Sensor Cable
This cable connects the 200P Wind Vane to the datalogger. The 200PCBL-L consists of a 22 AWG cable with a connector and a UV-resistant Santoprene jacket. Cable length is user specified.
200PCBL-L Options - show details
-L Pricing is in ft per sensor cable

Allowed values: 1-1000 ft, increments of 1 ft

Recommended cable lengths are 10' for our CM6 tripod, 13' for a CM10 tripod, CM110 tripod, or UT10 tower, 19' for our CM115 tripod, 24' for our CM120 tripod or UT20 tower, and 34' for our UT30 tower. These lead lengths assume the sensor is mounted atop the tripod/tower via an 019ALU or CM202 crossarm.
Cable Termination Options - show details
-PT -PT w/Tinned Wires
-PW -PW w/Pre-Wire Connector
With the -PW option, the cable terminates in a connector that attaches to a prewired enclosure.
The 21210 fits in the base of the sensor. It is then attached to a tripod or tower via the CM220 Right Angle Mount or 1049 NU-RAIL Crossover Fitting.
The CM220 Right Angle Mount attaches the 21210 Wind Sensor Mount to a mast or tower leg.
The 1049 NU-RAIL® Crossover Fitting attaches the 21210 to a tripod or tower mast.