Beginning on March 1, 2008, our policy for sending out product manuals will change. We are moving away from paper-based manuals to PDF versions on CD. The PDF versions of the manuals have the benefit of being searchable and will help us reduce paper consumption. One CD will be shipped with each order. Additional copies can be ordered at no charge by specifying “ResourceCD” and indicating the desired quantity with your order.

If you prefer paper copies of the manuals, you can still get them, but you need to let us know. Please visit to indicate your preference for paper manuals. (You only need to visit the site if you want to receive paper manuals.) You can also specify that you would like to receive paper manuals at the time of order. There will be no cost associated with paper manuals when ordered together with their products. A charge will be associated with paper manuals ordered separately from their products. You can always find the latest versions of our manuals on our Web site at

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