By Paul Campbell

Nearly all of our customer newsletters have focused attention on products offered by the company. To complement your understanding of our products, I would like to highlight some additional background information about the underlying capabilities of Campbell Scientific. In this edition, we will highlight our Engineering Department that spends its time developing new products and improving the existing ones. Since a related article describes in more detail the personnel, resources, and activities of the Engineering Department, let me describe how they relate to the company as a whole and to you, our customer.

We put you, our customer, at the center, and we recognize that the primary activities that deliver value to you are marketing, engineering, and manufacturing. Outside of these primary activities where there is the most interaction with customers, there are support functions to take care of things like accounting and quality assurance.

Engineering takes the responsibility for the embodiment of appropriate technology in products that meet your needs. Their work begins with product definition through contact with marketing and with customers, and with a knowledge base of appropriate technology that can reasonably be developed or is already available to solve customer problems. Once a development project is outlined, it then progresses through the process of making value decisions about design, solving specific technical problems, and finally producing the resulting documentation that allows manufacturing to build the product. They also work in support of manufacturing with process design and improvement.

With our engineering expertise including physical and environmental sensors, electronic measurement techniques, data acquisition, communications, and systems design, we are prepared to support customers with a wide range of measurement needs. Our engineers appreciate the challenge of solving difficult technical problems, and we all appreciate the opportunity we have of working with you, our customers.

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