We recently added new functionality that allows many of our customers to make online purchases through our website. Each product for purchase has an Ordering Information page that displays pricing and any configuration options the product may have. These pages display an Add button that enables you to add the product to your cart, as you would on a typical ecommerce site.

Cart Options

After you have added one or more products to your cart, there are a variety of options you can use. These options, designed to help you collaborate with others and preserve your list of products, are explained in the table below:

Cart Option Description

Save Cart

Give your cart a name and description; then save it to your account for future reference. (You can access a saved cart using the View Saved Carts link.)

View as PDF

View your cart with pricing as a PDF. Download or print the document to easily share it with others.

Share Cart

Share your cart with others (such as a colleague or purchasing manager) by sending an email message with a link to your cart.

Request Review

Request that a Campbell Scientific expert review the list of products in your cart. The expert can help ensure your products are compatible and match well with the needs of your application.

New/Clear Cart

Remove all products from your cart.

Who Can Order Online

An online account is required to make purchases on our website. When you’ve created an account, your online shopping experience is customized to your organization, including pricing, tax status, and shipping addresses.

Currently, online ordering is only available to those customers in the United States using a credit card. At this time, a purchase order (PO) cannot be used for online ordering. GSA customers should purchase directly through GSA Advantage. We hope to extend our online ordering functionality to more customers in the future.

Your Ordering Experience Matters to Us

We hope that you find ordering our products online to be an easy and positive experience. Please let us know if you have any questions about placing online orders: orders@campbellsci.com.

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