By Paul Campbell

I am pleased to introduce Robert H. Campbell as our next president, effective 1 September 2015. Rob has been serving on Campbell Scientific’s board of directors since 2010, and prior to his appointment as president of Campbell Scientific, Inc. (CSI), he was president of Juniper Systems, Inc., the largest of CSI’s subsidiaries, for 13 years. Rob has earned the respect of those he works with, and I am confident that his leadership will continue to fulfill stakeholders’ interests, including yours.

I have worked for CSI for nearly 40 years, and for the last 23 years as president. This experience has been a highlight of my life, especially working with you, our customers. I love science, the understanding of cause and effect relationships, and the challenges of instrument manufacturing. It is very satisfying to me to have served you and your interest in science or its application. I hope our world is a better place as a result of our efforts. I plan to continue at Campbell Scientific as an associate and non-executive chairman of the board of directors, and to take ad-hoc assignments in support of Rob and our other corporate officers. Thank you for the opportunity you have given to Campbell Scientific for your business and to me for many rewarding relationships and such a fulfilling work experience.

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