The new CDM-A108 and CDM-A116 analog input modules (available soon) allow easy expansion of Campbell Scientific datalogging systems. They feature a 24-bit, analog-to-digital converter and a low-noise, analog front-end to provide superior analog measurements. The new modules also support period average measurements and include both current and voltage excitation channels.

The CDM-A108 has eight differential input and two excitation channels. It provides a 12 V and a switched 12 V port for powering peripherals and two switched 5 V ports for peripheral control. The CDM-A116 doubles the channel counts for a total of 16 differential inputs, four excitation channels, two 12 V ports, two switched 12 V ports, and four switched 5 V ports.

Familiar CRBasic instructions simplify programming, which makes using these modules as easy as using any of the datalogger’s built-in channels. In pipe-line mode, the modules' measurements can be made in parallel with the host datalogger’s built-in measurement hardware without any additional measurement time.

The CDM-A108 and CDM-A116 are the newest additions to our family of Campbell distributed modules (CDMs). CDMs connect to the datalogger using the CAN* peripheral interface (CPI), a proprietary measurement bus. Campbell Scientific’s CR6 datalogger includes an on-board CPI bus, allowing the CDM-A108 or CDM-A116 to connect directly to it. Other dataloggers connect to the CDM-A108 or CDM-A116 using the SC-CPI Datalogger-to-CPI Interface.

By providing these powerful features, the CDM-A108 and CDM-A116 will serve a wide range of applications to better meet your measurement needs.

* Controller area network

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