Campbell Scientific is developing a powerful new line of sensors that have an integrated time-clock and memory feature. This saves money and time in standalone applications, since you often don’t have to purchase a datalogger, enclosures, power supplies, or mounting hardware, and you don’t spend time setting up or installing those items. Recording sensors leverage Campbell Scientific’s datalogging expertise with the latest in sensor technology into an integrated unit. Recording sensors also increase the flexibility of siting sensors for optimal measurement conditions, since you only need to install the one sensor, and not the peripherals.

The new CRS451 and CRS456 are combination water-level and water-temperature sensors that feature this added recording capability. These new instruments support time-based scanning and recording, along with event-based recording. The CRS451 has a stainless-steel case, while the CRS456 has a titanium case that lets you use it in corrosive environments. They come with HydroSci software for setup, data retrieval, and data display, and they have a sealed USB connector for interfacing with a computer.

The high-accuracy transducers in the new products are the same as the ones in our CS451 and CS456 water-level sensors, and are fully temperature compensated. These new instruments are battery powered, needing no power or signal cable while deployed. Batteries should last five years at a once-per-hour logging interval. Replacement batteries are available from Campbell Scientific, and can be installed by the user.

The CRS451 and CRS456 are built to Campbell Scientific’s high standards of ruggedness and innovation. The flexibility and dependability they offer will make them a valuable tool in many applications.

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