Several new Kipp and Zonen sensors are now available for solar-energy research applications. A complete solar monitoring station for research or solar prospecting typically measures global horizontal radiation (GH), direct normal irradiance (DNI), and diffuse solar radiation (DSR). 

For monitoring GH, Campbell Scientific offers the CMP6, CMP11, and CMP21 pyranometers. These pyranometers measure solar radiation with a high-quality blackened thermopile protected by two glass domes. Based on differences in accuracy and performance, the CMP6 has an ISO classification of First Class, and the CMP11 and CMP21 have an ISO classification of Secondary Standard. The CMP21 also includes an internal thermistor allowing individually optimized temperature compensation of the measurements. The optional CVF3 Ventilation Unit is offered to keep the domes of any of these pyranometers free from ice, dust, and dew.

To monitor DNI, a CHP1 Pyrheliometer is mounted to the Solys2 Sun Tracker. The CHP1 pyrheliometer measures the direct-beam solar irradiance with a field of view limited to 5 degrees. The limited field of view requires the CHP1 to be continuously pointed toward the sun. The Solys2 Sun Tracker rotates on two axes and uses a GPS receiver to keep the CHP1 aimed at the sun throughout the day.

Diffuse radiation is measured using a CM121 shadow ring with a CMP6, CMP11, or CMP21 pyranometer. The ring is installed so that its shadow completely covers the pyranometer’s dome as the sun moves across the sky.

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