This product is no longer available.
LI200X-LC LI-COR Pyranometer for CS110 or MetData1
Services Available
Repair No
Calibration Yes
Free Support No


The LI200X measures total sun and sky solar radiation using a silicon photocell. An epoxy-encased completion circuit standardizes each sensor's calibration, allowing individual sensors to be interchanged without altering multiplier and offset values. The sensor should not be used under vegetation or artificial lights.


Frequently Asked Questions

Number of FAQs related to LI200X-LC: 2

  1. The information included on a calibration sheet differs with each sensor. For some sensors, the sheet contains coefficients necessary to program a data logger. For other sensors, the calibration sheet is a pass/fail report.

  2. This depends on the information contained in the calibration sheet:

    • If the calibration sheet contains coefficient information, Campbell Scientific keeps a copy, and a replacement copy can be requested.
    • If the calibration sheet does not contain coefficients, Campbell Scientific does not keep a copy. It may be possible to contact the original manufacturer for a replacement copy.

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