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Student Internship Program

The purpose of Campbell Scientific's Student Internship Program is to provide opportunities for university/college-level students to learn more about careers in their field of study through practical experience and to provide value to Campbell Scientific in fulfilling a defined need. Participating students are expected to both learn and contribute to this employment opportunity.

Internships may lead to long-term employment with Campbell Scientific before or after graduation, or with other organizations based upon Campbell Scientific's recommendation.

Any student who is in or will be in their junior or senior year in scholastic standing with least a 3.0 GPA may qualify for a Campbell Scientific internship.  However, a limited number of internships will be available at given time and will be based upon determined needs.

Employment Status
Students may undertake internships during the academic year or during the summer break. During the academic year (September –April), internships will generally be defined as part-time internships (20 hours/week or less). During the summer months (May-August), internships will generally be defined as full-time (40 hours/week). 

Internships are considered temporary employment arrangements between students and Campbell Scientific, and do not include eligibility for benefits normally offered long-term employees.