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Legal/Trademark disclaimer to include with open source project?..

jackyjoy123 Nov 22, 2020 03:31 AM


I have been working on a project that helps read TOA and TOB files using php and would like to eventually open source the package to help others as I wasn't able to find a php package that suited my needs.

I was wondering:

1) Is this okay?

2) If so, is it okay to mention that this is specifically to read Campbell Scientific log files? This would be in the readme - not in the project name of course.

3) Is there a legal disclaimer that I can add to the project? "..this project is not affiliated with Campbell Scientific...", "..LoggerNet is a registered trademark of..." that sort of thing

If you'd rather that I not publish the project, I completely understand.



JDavis Nov 23, 2020 09:19 AM

Here is a recommended disclaimer

Trademark disclaimer: Product names, logos, brands, and other trademarks featured or referred to within the documentation or source code are the property of their respective trademark holders. These trademark holders are not affiliated with the author or this project in any way.

Big Fish Nov 23, 2020 10:04 AM


In response to your post, yes, that would be great for you to continue with your project and make it available for others. Thank you.

Including a statement in the readme to indicate the purpose, that this is specifically intended to read Campbell Scientific TOA5 and TOB1 data files, would especially be helpful to the reader. And finally, a simple disclaimer would be sufficient. From your suggestion, I see that you are already on the right path. 

LoggerNet™ is a trademarked name of Campbell Scientific, Inc. This project, although not affiliated with Campbell Scientific, is intended to provide help for those using Campbell Scientific data loggers.

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