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Csat3 Labview Program

zwanghi Apr 22, 2014 03:51 PM



you can download a Labview VI which parses the binary string from the Csat3. The input is just the output of a visa read function. It scans the string for a complete message and puts it out.
I am thankful for any improvements and suggestions on the program.


pawantanwar Oct 5, 2023 09:58 AM

Thank you for presenting the Labview VI for parsing binary strings from Csat3 with us. I took a closer look, and here are my suggestions for improvement:

Consider including error handling: For optimal performance, including error-handling mechanisms can help if there are issues with input or parsing data. In doing so, any potential errors can be dealt with gracefully and appropriately.

Include Comments/Documentation: Including comments and documentation within your VI can make it easier for others (and yourself) to comprehend its purpose and functionality - particularly useful when troubleshooting or making modifications later.

Optimize for Efficiency: Depending on the complexity and format of your binary string and expected message format, optimizing it for efficiency could be worthwhile. This might involve exploring various algorithms or techniques to speed up parsing process as soon as you anticipate working with large amounts of data.

thanks and regards
pawan tanwar

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