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Change order mobile network connection CR300 Cell215

SebastienLisah Sep 25, 2023 07:50 AM

Is it possible to change the order of connection to the mobile network on a CR300 CELL215?
My CR300 connects most of the time to the FREEnetwork.
From time to time it connects to the SFR or Orange network.
When it is connected to the FREE network, the quality is very poor and therefore it is impossible for me to communicate remotely.
On the other hand, when it is on another network, communication works better.

Thank you for your reply.

JDavis Sep 25, 2023 03:22 PM

You can force it. To see the settings, use the Settings Editor tab in DevConfig when connected.

First, use Cell List Network Operators to see the operator IDs reported for the networks.

Second, use the "Cell Network Operator ID" setting to force the modem to connect to the selected cell network.

dickinsonron Nov 3, 2023 09:29 AM

To begin, you can use Cell List Network Operators to inspect the listed operator IDs.

Second, ensure sure the modem is set to only connect to the specified cell network by enabling the "Cell Network Operator ID" option. geometry dash

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