A Complete Instrumentation System The hardware and software to transfer data where you need it

A Complete Instrumentation System

The Granite™ VWire 305 Dynamic Vibrating Wire Analyzer is one important piece of the larger data-acquisition system provided by Campbell Scientific. The complete system includes the hardware and software required to transfer data from the point of measurement back to those who need this vital information. The VWire 305 makes the dynamic vibrating wire (VW) measurement and then communicates the data to one of Campbell Scientific’s data loggers, such as the CR1000X or Granite™9.

The data loggers are programmable measurement-and-control devices that are adaptable to a wide variety of applications. They interface to both analog and digital sensors and are equipped to make all the ancillary measurements needed for long-term monitoring applications. These may include parameters such as meteorological, road-surface-condition, structural, and energy.

To provide the final communication link between the data logger and the user’s PC or computer network, a variety of Campbell Scientific communication options are available, such as Ethernet, radios (UHF/VHF and spread spectrum), cellular modems, and removable flash-memory-card storage. A suite of software tools allows configuration and monitoring of the system, as well as collection, viewing, and management of the data. Together, these products provide a full end-to-end data-acquisition solution.

VW sensors are an important long-term monitoring tool in many industries including structural, transportation, and geotechnical. With the dynamic VW approach, those trusted sensors can be used to collect both static and dynamic data with the same high precision and long-term stability that were previously limited to static measurements. This opportunity provides cost savings for the instrumentation system and opens new possibilities for future measurements.

The dynamic VW measurement technique is protected under U.S. Patent No. 8,671,758, and the vibrating wire spectral-analysis technology (VSPECT®) is protected under U.S. Patent No. 7,779,690.