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COAXMD9-L MD9 Cable, RG59 with 2 BNC Male Connectors
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Effective 1 January 2004, the MD9 Multidrop Interface was generally replaced by the MD485 Multidrop Interface. However, the MD9 and its accessories remain available for customers with existing MD9 networks.

The COAXMD9-L consists of two BNC connectors (pn 6639) joined by an RG59/U cable (pn 5303). This RG59/U coaxial cable (Belden 9100) has a typical attenuation of 0.6 dB/100 ft @ 1 MHz and a characteristic impedence of 75 ohm.

The "-L" on a product model indicates that the cable length is specified at the time of order.



Typical Attenuation 0.6 dB/100 ft
Impedance 75 ohm

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