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  • I need help with the basic stuff. How do I know what kind of measurement equipment I need? When I get it, how do I set it up correctly?
  • I need programming help. How do I make sure I'm getting the measurement data that I need?
  • I need help troubleshooting. How do I figure out if my field instrumentation is working correctly? What do those error messages mean anyway?
  • I need help keeping my measurement system running at its best. How do I maintain, calibrate, and replace sensors?

If any of these sound like you, this blog can probably help you.

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What the Campbell Scientific Blog offers you

The Campbell Scientific Blog is a place where you can find relevant information that expands your knowledge, answers your questions, and helps overcome your measurement challenges. The blog is filled with handy tips and tricks, helpful expert advice, useful how-to information, and important updates. All of this information is designed to help you collect the best data possible from your measurement applications. In addition, you can learn how to store and communicate that data using the most suitable method for your application.

Because the blog authors are highly trained in their respective fields, they can supply you with expert knowledge based on hands-on experience. Our blog authors strive to offer you information that is tailored to your particular challenges—whether your focus is on weather, water, energy, soil, or another measurement application.

Professional and friendly by nature, our blog authors encourage you to participate in the blog discussion. No matter how much experience or expertise you have, you are welcome to post your comments and share your similar experiences. Another reader may benefit from what you have learned.

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Other resources you can use

In addition to the blog, there’s a lot of other good information on the Campbell Scientific website that you can use. For example, when you’re done reading through the blog articles that interest you, take a look at the forum for Campbell Scientific users. On the forum, you can post a challenge you’re facing with your data acquisition and measurement systems. Your peers and the Campbell Scientific experts can weigh in with their insights, experiences, and ideas.

Recommended for You: After exploring the blog and the user forum, you can learn more from our extensive library of resources, including documents, videos, FAQs (frequently asked questions), and case studies.

When you leave our website to continue your work, we hope you feel more knowledgeable and ready to make the measurements that matter most to you.

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