Exciting Possibilities for CR310 Users

by Robin Deissinger | Updated: 01/11/2017 | Comments: 0

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CR310 Datalogger

In this short interview, Sam Utley, the product manager for the new CR310, tells us about the enhanced functionality this data logger provides and why he feels the CR310 offers exciting possibilities for our customers. Sam is a member of the Product Management (PM) team at Campbell Scientific, Inc. He was interviewed by Robin Deissinger, the blog editor.

Interview Q&A

Sam Utley, product manager for the CR300

Compared to the CR300, what enhanced functionality does the CR310 offer our customers?

Earlier this year, Kevin Rhodes explained in an interview ("10+ Reasons to Be Excited about the New CR300 Datalogger”) how the CR300 Datalogger was born from feedback from customers seeking an improved CR200X Datalogger or a small embeddable platform on which to build their own solution. The CR310 continues on the success of the CR300, and it ushers in multiple new and notable additions including: native Ethernet connectivity, support for our full suite of IP instructions, increased storage capacity, removable screw terminals, and a new web page interface.

The CR310 is the newest addition to our CR300-series family, which includes the CR300, CR310, and their respective options with embedded communications. We will follow the release of the CR310 with new communication options over the next few months.

Why are you excited about the CR310?

I’m excited about the CR310 because of the possibilities that it represents for our customers. We’ve never had a data logger this small and in this price range with native Ethernet and Internet communication capabilities. In years past, projects that needed Ethernet connectivity required the use of one of our premiere data loggers, such as the CR6. Alternatively, a CR200X was used with an NL201 Network Link Interface with more limited functionality. In contrast, the CR310 allows us to offer solutions for new or underserved applications that require a smaller footprint. It is also an appropriate solution for customers who are willing to trade some performance for a lower price.

Two phrases come to mind when I think about the CR310: “A connected environment” and “The Industrial Internet of Things.” Not only can the CR310 measure the environment, it very naturally can serve as a gateway that connects those measurements of weather, microclimates, water, energy, structures, and earth to the Internet. The CR310 can serve as a highly capable measurement, control protocol conversion, and data aggregation device capable of connecting your data to the world in real time using a number of standard SCADA and Internet protocols.

What makes the CR310 different from other products?

Without question, the CR310 offers a great price-to-performance ratio. Even though this is considered our new low-end data logger, the capabilities place it head-to-head with many flagship data loggers offered by other manufacturers. You will see the same reliability and flexibility that our data loggers have come to be known for. Yet, with some limits in inputs and control, we have been able to keep the price down. 

Can you tell me more about the new web page interface?

web page interface for CR310

We were able to use the increase in data storage memory to host a new and improved web interface. It provides a great experience when using a web browser for checking status, viewing or downloading data, and managing files. We will continue to improve the interface, so there is even an update utility that makes it easy to stay up to date.

When is the CR310 available?

You're in luck. It is available now.

More Information

Do you want to learn more? Visit our CR310 web page.

To ask Sam a question about the CR310, post a comment below.

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