40031 32 GB USB Flash Drive Dual Type A and C Connectors, Gray/Silver


The 40031 is a 32 GB gray/silver flash drive with the Campbell Scientific logo on it. The drive has dual USB A and C connectors for enhanced functionality. It is useful for transferring files, such as program files, for users who do not have a CD/DVD drive but do have a USB port.

One 40031 ships out with each PWENC12/14, PWENC14/16, and PWENC16/18 ordered, and it can be found in the desiccant/document holder bag inside the enclosure. When the 40031 is shipped out with a pre-wired system, it contains an electronic copy of the system's programs and wiring diagram.



Dimensions 6.86 x 1.91 x 1.02 cm (2.7 x 0.75 x 0.4 in.)
Weight 22.68 g (0.05 lb)

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