29291 Cable, RF320-Series Radio to AL200


The 29291 cable is used to connect an AL200 ALERT2 Encoder Modulator to an RF320-series radio (Ritron DTX-L Series radio). It has stripped and tinned wires on one end for attaching to the AL200. The DB15 male connector on the other end connects to the RF320-series radio. The cable is approximately 15 inches in length, and it provides access to the radio's Power, Ground, Aux In, PTT, CS0, and PC PGM pins. This cable is included with an RF320-series radio ordered configured for use with the AL200, is used in our packaged ALERT and ALERT2 transmitter solutions, and can be purchase separately as a replacement.



Cable Length 0.38 m (15 in.)
Length 0.43 m (17 in.) including cable and DB15 connector with hood

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