28679 Optical Sensor Mount for CS120/A or CS125
Places Visibility Measurement Volume at WMO Recommended Height
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The 28679 is a small tower designed specifically to mount the CS120A, CS125 and PWS100 optical sensors so that their measurement volumes are at the optimum 1.5 m (4.92 ft) height as recommended by the WMO.

It is unguyed and designed for permanent installation.

It is supplied with four mounting bolts suitable for fixing to an existing concrete base.

The top section will take a PWS100, CS120A, or CS125 with room for a CS140 background luminance sensor and RAD10 screen below.

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Benefits and Features

  • Low weight for easy erection combined with high strength for durability
  • Puts sample volume at 1.5 m in accordance with WMO Guide to Meteorological Instruments and Methods of Observation 2008, Chapter 9
  • Other towers are available including frangible masts for airport applications


Detailed Description

This robust tower has four bolt holes on its base plate allowing the stand to be securely mounted to any hard surface. The pole is powder-coated in white. We offer a full site survey, installation and maintenance service for all our weather stations. Please contact us for further details.


Material Aluminium powder-coated white
Optional Features Grounding kit, lightning rod
Top Section Dimensions 0.57 m long, 50.8 mm diameter (1.87 ft long, 2.0 in. diameter)
Lower Section Dimensions 0.80 m long, 76.2 mm diameter (2.63 ft long, 3.0 in. diameter)
Shipping Dimensions 2.24 x 0.23 x 0.21 m (7.35 x 0.76 x 0.69 ft)
Height 1.37 m (4.50 ft)
Weight 6.5 kg (14.33 lb)

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