This product is no longer available and has been replaced by: CS547A-L.
247-L Conductivity and Temperature Probe
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The 247 was similar to the 247W-L, except it did not have a stainless steel sleeve, and therefore had a smaller diameter. The 247W measured conductivity using three passivated 316 stainless steel annular electrodes with dc isolation capacitors. A thermistor measured temperature.

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Detailed Description

The 247 had a pH range of 3.0 to 9.0, with a conductivity accuracy of ±5% (at 25°C) over 0.45 to 7.0 mS/cm range, ±10% (at 25°C) over 0.005 to 0.45 mS/cm range. Temperature polynomial linearization accuracy was typically less than ±0.1°C over 0° to +48°C range. Interchangeability accuracy was typically less than ±0.2°C over 0° to +50°C range.

The 247-L (pn 7343) was originally replaced with the CS547, which was replaced with the CS547A.


Operating Temperature 0° to 50°C
Diameter 1.91 cm (0.75 in.)
Length 7.938 cm (3.125 in.)
Weight 0.2 kg (0.5 lb) with 3.05-m (10-ft) cable


The 247 required one differential analog input, one single-ended analog input, and two excitation channels.

Case Studies

Utah: Irrigation Network Monitoring
In an era when water is becoming a precious resource, the Emery Water Conservancy more

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