VisualWeather 2.0 was released in September. VisualWeather supports program generation, real-time data monitoring, automated data collection, and report generation, but heretofore was limited to Campbell Scientific’s MetData1 and ET106 preconfigured weather stations. The new version of VisualWeather can interface with almost any of our custom weather stations. An EZSetup Wizard guides you through the necessary steps of configuring a weather station. To communicate with your station, VisualWeather supports direct connect, telephone, TCP/ IP, spread spectrum radios, VHF/UHF radios, and multidrop communications devices.

Other features added to the latest version include:

  • support for barometers
  • heat index reports and two custom reports with selectable start and end dates
  • your choice of Penman-Monteith, standardized short crop, or standardized tall crop methods for calculating evapotranspiration
  • the ability to link different crop coefficients to different crop stages for estimating crop water needs
  • an improved real-time display

Custom Weather Stations
We’ve included our Short Cut program generator with VisualWeather. You can use Short Cut to generate the program and wiring diagram for your custom station. You can then use VisualWeather to send the program to the weather station and map the data fields used for report generation and real-time displays.

Preconfigured Weather Stations
For a preconfigured weather station, VisualWeather generates a program based on information you provide about the sensors and sends the program to your weather station.

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