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Datalogger Programming

Start your datalogger program with Short Cut. Programs generated by Short Cut can be edited and enhanced in the CRBasic...

Posted: 8/3/2017

Programming with Short Cut (QuickStart Part 2)

Part 2 of a four-part series to quickly get a Campbell Scientific system up and running. A demonstration of how...

(5:49) Posted: 8/18/2015

CRBasic | Advanced Programming

A tutorial that shows how to use array notation, repetitions, and aliases in the CRBasic programming language. These tools are...

(6:50) Posted: 7/30/2014

CRBasic | Common Errors

Some common errors identified by LoggerNet's CRBasic Editor and solutions for correcting them. The Campbell Scientific CRBasic Editor is our...

(12:07) Posted: 12/16/2013

CRBasic | Help System

An introduction to the CRBasic Editor Help application and its example programs.

(3:33) Posted: 12/16/2013

CRBasic | Features

An explanation of some CRBasic features that make writing and editing programs easier. Includes explanations of the following: how to...

(11:09) Posted: 12/16/2013

Multiplexer Programming with a CR1000 Datalogger

A tutorial demonstrating how to create a program that uses an AM16/32 multiplexer to measure up to 32 analog sensors...

(6:09) Posted: 10/13/2010