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Although our data loggers have built-in surge protection that is sufficient for the needs of most users, some users desire separate protection. For those users, the protectors used with the SVP100 offered reliable, high-quality options. We now have a variety of choices to use on DIN rails instead of only what the SVP100 offered. To see the options presently available, visit the DIN-Rail Products page

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Detailed Description

The SVP100 can hold up to 22 surge protectors (pn 31723 for analog protection and pn 31724 for digital protection). Both options provide protection up to 24 Vdc.


DIN Rail Dimensions 152.4 x 35.05 x 7.49 mm (6 x 1.38 x 0.295 in.)
Surge Protector Dimensions 79.6 x 6.2 x 54.6 mm (3.13 x 0.24 x 2.15 in.)


The SVP100 is designed to mount on Campbell Scientific's standard enclosure backplates with 1-in. centered, pre-punched, square accessory mounting holes. 


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