SP10-LQ 10 W Solar Panel for RAWS-P


The SP10-LQ is a 10 W solar panel specially cabled for the Campbell Scientific permanent remote automated weather station (RAWS-P). The cable is made to user-specified length and terminates in a military-style connector that attaches to the RAWS-P enclosure. This allows unattended operation of the system in remote locations, far from ac electrical sources. (The SP10-LQ is typically a sufficient charging source at most tropical to temperate latitudes.)

Benefits and Features

  • Supplies electrical power in locations where ac power is unreliable, expensive, or not available

The "-LQ" version of this product terminates in a military style connector (instead of pigtails) for use with a RAWS-P Permanent Remote Automated Weather Station. The length of the cable is specified at the time of order.


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