This product is no longer available and has been replaced by: CS300-L,LI200X-L. Some accessories, replacement parts, or services may still be available.
SP-LITE-L Solar Radiation Sensor


The SP-LITE is a rugged pyranometer manufactured by Kipp & Zonen. It measures incoming global solar irradiance using a silicon photovoltaic detector mounted in a cosine-corrected diffuser.

The "-L" on a product model indicates that the cable length is specified at the time of order.


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Light Spectrum Waveband 400 to 1100 nm
Sensitivity 10 µV W-1 m2
Temperature Range -30° to +70°C
Diameter 55 mm (2.2 in.)
Height 34 mm (1.3 in.)
Weight 181 g (6.4 oz)


Datalogger Considerations

The SP-LITE uses one differential or single-ended analog channel.

Compatible Contemporary Dataloggers

CR200(X) Series CR800/CR850 CR1000 CR3000 CR9000X

Compatible Retired Dataloggers

CR500 CR510 CR10 CR10X 21X CR23X CR9000 CR5000 CR7X