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Note: Components are ordered separately to create this system.


The Solar200 is an economical solar monitoring platform designed for commercial rooftop or other small to medium solar installations, as well as distributed solar resource monitoring. This turn-key system includes the hardware and software necessary to monitor the critical environmental parameters of any solar installation: solar irradiance, wind speed, wind direction, air temperature, and back-of-panel temperature.

Interfacing to the Solar200 is simple and can be accomplished with Campbell Scientific’s Loggernet software that includes a real-time monitoring dashboard. The Solar200’s data also can be obtained via the Modbus protocol over an RS-485 interface, making connection to existing systems simple and easy. As with all Campbell Scientific products, the Solar200 is built for long-term, unattended monitoring, with a focus on ruggedness, reliability, and measurement excellence.


Most of the systems we sell are customized. These systems, however, typically measure the following parameters:

  • Solar radiation—plane of array (POA)
  • Solar radiation—global horizontal (GH)
  • Air temperature
  • Surface temperature—back of panel
  • Wind speed
  • Wind direction

Benefits and Features

  • High reliability and longevity with a Campbell Scientific CR200X Measurement and Control Datalogger
  • Easy, turn-key installation
  • Factory fabrication, programming, and testing minimizes field wiring errors, reduces deployment time, and eliminates system programming
  • Battery-backed system enables continuous data collection, even during power outages and network failure
  • Easy and flexible data retrieval
  • Retains the powerful, modular nature of the Campbell Scientific product line, allowing for user-defined modifications and customization