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The SEN07150 includes a tripod and other tools and accessories to keep the auger in a stationary central position and prevent disturbance to the surrounding soil through wearout or hole enlargement. The tripod also stabilizes the access tube during the installation process by stopping the access tube from flexing at the point where the access tube enters the soil each time it absorbs a hammer blow. This prevents air gaps from forming along the side of the access tube.

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Sentek has changed the name of their water-content profile probe from EnviroSMART to EnviroSCAN.

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The SEN07150 is an installation kit for the EnviroSCAN probe. It includes the SEN70300 tool bag, SEN70205 dolly, SEN70210 dolly, SEN70215 tripod anchor pin, SEN70220 base plate, SEN70230 access tube installation tripod, and SEN70225 auger centralization poly guide.

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