RTMC Pro Patch 5.01
Updated: 05-22-2024

  1. RTMC Pro - (Feature) Added functionality to allow the user to change subcomponent names.
  2. RTMC Pro - (Major) Added Software Updater support.
  3. RTMC Pro - (Major) Fixed a crash/hang that occurred when selecting 'Add New Screen' right after starting.
  4. RTMC Pro - (Moderate) Removed the grey workplace border that displays around projects in Run-time.
  5. RTMC Pro - (Minor) Projects in development now auto-save every 5 minutes, and a status bar appears during the save/read operation.
  6. RTMC Pro - (Minor) Fixed an issue where tables displayed gaps in the data when the screen was minimized.
  7. RTMC Pro - (Minor) RTMC Run-time and WebPublisher now both export tables in TOA5 format.
  8. Web Publisher - (Feature) WebPublisher now automatically redirects web connections to support HTTPS/TLS.
  9. Web Publisher - (Feature) Added a popup to warn users when directories are being sandboxed upon publishing.
  10. Web Publisher - (Major) Disabled the ability to send a .csipasswd file and removed the associated controls in the Web Publisher.
  11. CSI Web Server - (Major) Enhanced security and fixed important vulnerabilities.
  12. CSI Web Server - (Major) The default administrator account is no longer built in. The anonymous account now defaults to having no rights.
  13. CSI Web Server - (Major) Moved the log files to be within the sys\ folder. The user can no longer specify where these logs are exported to.