Granite 10 OS 2.01
Updated: 05-04-2021

  1. (Major) Fixed task handling issues that could stop data storage to the SSD.
  2. (Major) Improved CPI memory structure when using multiple scans to prevent watchdogs.
  3. (Major) Fixed SerialOpen() so watchdogs no longer occur if the Comport is open and an interrupt is received while the Comport is being reconfigured.
  4. (Minor) Improved data transfer rates over Ethernet with the RV50(X) modem. The modem should be configured for full-duplex 100Mb Ethernet to see the full benefit of this change.
  5. (Minor) ARP messages are now transmitted correctly to improve address mapping on a network.
  6. (Minor) GOES channel can now be set to a value up to 566.
  7. (Minor) PakBus WebSockets now only enables when the Enable is set and the PakBus URL is set.
  8. (Minor) Move() now works with a multidimensional arrays in a loop.