CR300 Series OS 11.00
Updated: 02-21-2024

  1. (New Feature) Added support for ApplyAndRestartSequence().
  2. (New Feature) Added IncludeSection() support.
  3. (New Feature) Added UINT1 data type.
  4. (New Feature) Added support for MQTT.
  5. (Major) Fixed longevity of the TX325/TX326 EEPROM by eliminating unnecessary writing when setting DCP addresses for GOES transmissions.
  6. (Major) Fixed setting the TX325/TX326 output power. The data logger now only resets the power level setting when there is a difference between the current setting in the transmitter and the desired setting.
  7. (Major) Fixed a continual restart issue when using SetSetting(BeaconCOMRF)
  8. (Minor) The terminal talk-through now opens the requested port if the port was closed by SerialClose() in the program.
  9. (Minor) Fixed a timeout issue with SDI12Recorder() when the sensor requires more than 300 seconds to respond.
  10. (Minor) Fixed an issue where SDI12Recorder() reported NANs when multiple sensors were specified in the address parameter.
  11. (Minor) Updated DNS to try using IPV4 before IPV6.
  12. (Minor) Run options are now cleared after performing a full memory reset.
  13. (Minor) Can now use a Const in StationName().
  14. (Minor) Added a compile error to catch lines in the program that contain several "------" or "++++++" when not formatted as a comment.
  15. (Minor) Updated the SSL stack.
  16. (Minor) Activating a TLS root CA certificate is no longer contingent upon MQTT being enabled.
  17. (Minor) Fixed the output array of WindVector() when repetitions are used, ensuring coherence between the data and labels.
  18. (Minor) Fixed GOES SHEF code to adjust transmit time offset relative to data timestamp.
  19. (Minor) Fixed a PakBus issue that caused intermittent table definition download failures.
  20. (Minor) Fixed SetSetting() for "WiFiConfig" in CR300-WiFi cannot set the value to Create a Network "1”.