CRVWx Firmware 3.0
Updated: 12-23-2016

  1. Added radio on/off intervals which are controlled via device settings. The "Radio Power Schedule" tab now appears in DevConfig.
  2. Improved thermistor resolution. PCA Revision 9 devices have a greater resolution improvement than the improvement to devices with a PCA revisions less than 9 (revision is shown in the Status table).
  3. Added support for the CRVW3-RF407 device.
  4. Added the ability to synchronize the CRVW3 Clock from another datalogger. The CRVW3 responds to a ClockReport instruction sent from a device with *any* PakBus address.
  5. Modified the operating system to allow PakBus addresses greater than 3999 up to 4094 (1 through 4094).
  6. Fixed the operating system so that factory baseline values now initialize into public variables properly.
  7. Added stability improvements to avoid lockout problems and settings configuration via radio.
  8. Added fixes to improve USB stability.