DVW Tool Box 1.2
Updated: 10-10-2016

  1. Implemented the View drop down menu, where the user can turn on and off viewing columns.
  2. The user can now create a whole program instead of just a code snippet to be cut and pasted in another existing program.
  3. The main page has a new drop down menu that includes standardized Steinhart-Hart coefficients.
  4. Bug fix - DVWTool looks good when the desktop resolution is something other than 100%
  5. Bug fix - Fixed the headers. They used to overlap, but they look a lot better now.
  6. Bug fix - The Settings buttons used to not be aligned with their respective rows until the window was resized.
  7. Bug fix - The check box in the enable button looked was too large.
  8. Bug fix - The arrow keys in the split buttons are no longer cut off.
  9. Bug fix - The serial number field no longer gets chopped off.
  10. Bug fix - The "Expand All" button in the graph would sometimes show an empty screen.
  11. Bug fix - Rainflow graph: Clicking the "Show Legend" button used to make the property page disappear.
  12. Bug fix - Fixed a bug where the footers in the title bar weren’t updated correctly when connected to a CDMVW300 (with only two channels).
  13. Bug fix - Fixed a bug where the "Hot" item would be highlighted, even when the CDM-VW300 was disconnected.
  14. Bug fix - Fixed a bug where the drop down menus weren’t being drawn as "hot" when necessary.
  15. Bug fix - Minimum column width is no longer a constant.
  16. Bug fix - The arrow and tab keys work better and don’t linger on invisible columns.
  17. Bug fix - The split buttons look better now. On some computers, they would start off as invisible.
  18. Bug fix - Fixed the visual glitches where the combo box would have visual problems when the combo box overlapped with other dialog elements in the main window.
  19. Added an Apply button to the Channel settings window. The user can press the Apply button to see the changes without closing the window.