CWS900 Firmware 3
Updated: 08-10-2012

  1. Improved base discovery process to speed it up.
  2. Changed so the connection with the base is verified every hour, and messages are required to occur greater than 4x the poll interval. If these conditions are not met, a new attempt to find the base is initiated. Previously, this was done after 12 hours of no messages.
  3. Made changes to correctly configure the maximum number (8) of allowed children. Previously, this was not done, so more than 8 nodes could route through the affected node.
  4. Changed minimum RSSI for entire path, and minimum RSSI for last hop for Auto-Connect and Direct to Repeaters. This change in RSSI levels corresponds to ~4.5 dB increase in signal required to form a link.
  5. Changed power up radio reset; some radios were failing to communicate with the previous method of 200 msec reset at power up, followed by 3.6 secs delay. Changed the radio to reset 1 sec after power up, followed by UP TO 4 secs delay before communicating.
  6. Added CS526 (serial pH sensor) support.
  7. Changed CS450 so the value returned when there is no response from the CS450 is NAN instead of 0.0f.