CH200 / PS200 OS 6
Updated: 10-28-2013

  1. Increased battery current averaging period from five seconds to ten minutes.
  2. Changed condition to terminate cycle charging. Instead of using C / 100 in the condition to terminate cycle charging, use effective C as defined in the Sun_Xtender technical manual, which includes a parameter they call "design factor" as function of temperature, over 120. We derived a polynomial to provide the design factor as a function of battery temperature. Charge capacity factor = 0.819 + 0.011 * T + -7.607E-5 * T ** 2, for T = deg C.
  3. Changed so if C_effective/120 > 1, then use C_effective/200.
  4. Fixed issue when connected to a DC supply to the CONTINUOUS input is only slightly higher than the float charging voltage. Previously, when the low battery current timer nears its threshold for detecting no battery in the system, the OS momentarily changes the battery charge target voltage from the float charging value to the cycle charging value in an attempt to get the battery current to go non-zero. Now it momentarily sets the target voltage to 0.5 V less than the temperature function and then momentarily to 0.5 V above the temperature function.