LoggerNet Patch 4.2.1
Updated: 11-27-2013

  1. Known Issues - RTMC will not function properly if the TeeChart control is newer than: TeeChart2011.0.0.5ActiveX.exe, January 12, 2012, Build 2011.0.0.5, File size - 30.86 MB. Therefore, if you install another application that overwrites this control with a newer version, you will see issues in RTMC. Re-installing LoggerNet will fix the problem.
  2. Known Issues - Mapped network drives cannot be used when LoggerNet is running as a service. This is caused by a Windows update that disallows the use of mapped network drives when running as a service for security reasons. To use network drives when running LoggerNet as a service, you must use the full UNC path (e.g., computer_namedirectory ilename). Note that the ability to write to the network drives will be governed by Windows security. It will be necessary to configure the LoggerNet service to run under an account that has network privileges. This requires changes to the properties of the LoggerNet service in Windows. Contact your network administrator for assistance.
  3. Known Issues - When using LogTool to zip all log files and certain file errors occur, the operation may still be reported as successful. For example, If LoggerNet is running as a service and an attempt is made zip all log files and store them in the root directory of a mapped network drive, a failure will probably occur as the service cannot access mapped drives but the operation is reported as successful.
  4. Known Issues - The following LNDB issue affects View Pro and RTMC Pro when using an LNDB database: If LNDB has been running with a SQL Server 2005 database, the timestamps in the tables will be of type DateTime. If you then upgrade to SQL Server 2008 the DateTime data type for the timestamps is carried over to the 2008 database. However, LNDB expects the timestamps to be of type DateTime2 which has a higher precision than DateTime. This type mismatch causes queries to fail. In order to fix this issue, you will need to use the SQL Server management tools to change the data type for the timestamp columns to DateTime2.
  5. Toolbar Enhancement - Added an "Allow IPv6 Connections" check box to the Tools
  6. Options dialog box. By default, IPv6 connections are not allowed. (Enabling IPv6 may cause problems if IPv6 is not fully functional in a network. The main issue is that clients cannot connect to the server.)
  7. Setup Screen Standard View Bug Fix - Fixed a bug in scheduled backups where the default value for number of files was set to zero. A value of zero causes all of the backup files to be retained. The default value has been changed back to 5.
  8. Task Master Bug Fix - Fixed a bug where data collection triggered by a task did not trigger any subsequent collection related tasks on the station collected from.
  9. Task Master Bug Fix - Fixed multiple issues with renaming of tasks and illegal naming of tasks.
  10. Task Master Bug Fix - Fixed a bug where tasks triggered by "After Any Call", "After Successful Call" and other triggers were being triggered by data displays in the Connect screen.
  11. Task Master Bug Fix - Fixed a bug where "Pending Actions" was not showing queued execution of a program.
  12. RTMC Bug Fix - Fixed a bug where touch events on mobile devices weren't working properly.
  13. RTMC Bug Fix - Fixed a bug where an alarm did not function, if it was grouped with other components.
  14. RTMC Bug Fix - Fixed an issue where the pipe wasn't displayed properly after switching tabs if pointed at a boolean value because it is reported as -1 and the test was looking for > 0 instead of != 0
  15. RTMC Bug Fix - Fixed an issue with publishing a project when the screen name has a symbol in it.
  16. RTMC Bug Fix - Fixed an issue where fixed size screen dimensions weren't being honored.
  17. RTMC Bug Fix - Fixed a directory traversal security issue in CSI Web Server.
  18. Device Configuration Utility Bug Fix - Fixed a bug where DevConfig could not read a NL240 config file created with an older NL240 OS.
  19. Server Bug Fix - Fixed a bug where tasks that were triggered by any poll, and failed poll, and failed poll with data, and poll with data, and etc. failed to recognize when a poll attempt took place because it was triggered by another task.
  20. Server Bug Fix - Fixed a bug in the task poll station action where, if the polling process had to do specials (such as doing file retrieval), the task would never get reported as complete.
  21. Server Bug Fix - Fixed a bug where changing the PC clock backwards caused scheduled collection, scheduled tasks, and scheduled backups to trigger immediately. Now the schedules' next time is recalculated only if the difference between the system time and the last time checked is greater than five minutes. This will make the LoggerNet server less sensitive to possible minor changes when the computer clock is updated.