PVS5120CBL-L PVS5120C/D Control Cable


The PVS5120CBL control cable is a single cable used to communicate with, and control, all configurations of the PVS5120-series samplers. The PVS5120CBL cable has wires for the following: pulse in, pulse out, SDI-12, RS-485A, RS-485B, RS-485 Resistive Ground, Full/Fault Output, water present, and DC ground. Depending on which control type you choose, only a few of the wires may need to be connected to the data logger or PLC.

Note: If your application only requires that the sampler run on time-based control, and you do not need any diagnostic feedback, this cable is not needed to run the sampler.



The PVS5120CBL-L is currently only compatible with the PVS5120-series samplers. 

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