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PVS4151C Portable Composite Water Sampler
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The PVS4151C is a portable, battery-operated water sampler designed for easy transport. It deposits its water samples into one 9 liter container. The PVS4151C includes a programmable controller with 16-key intuitive touch pad. The controller can accept a pulse input (e.g., rain gage), a 4 to 20 mA signal (e.g., flow meter), or initiate a sample on a timed basis. The sampler can also be interfaced with our data loggers to measure a variety of sensors, as well as control the sampler based on time, event, or measured conditions.

Benefits and Features

  • Very easy to transport with suitcase shape, built-in wheels, and telescoping handle
  • Vacuum technology benefits over peristaltic pump samplers:
    • Accurate sample volumes
    • Rapid transport velocities mean more-representative samples
    • Less disturbance of sample
    • Minimal wear on the tubing, resulting in less-frequent maintenance
    • Reduced cross-sample contamination


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